Average Score 4.5

Methodology: Analytical Survey

Source: Secondary Data

Dr. Vijay Shankar

“ I experienced good services from Airo Journals. The team is good at review process and publication”

Dr. Prashant Sharma

“ My scholars usually appreciate the way of publication Airo implements. It has always been good to publish papers in Airo”

Dr. Nikhil Garg

“Students in my association felt quite professional behavior from Airo staff. I recommend this Airo Journal to all Scholars."

Dr. Pardeep Goyal

“This time I got some delay in publication.. may be due to review process…. But all in all system is good. Next time I expect fast publication from Airo”

Dr. Akhilesh Shrivastava

“This Journal is really good for Multidisciplinary Publication of Articles and Papers. Good thing is this is free for everyone. They are only taking certificate charges and which are very nominal”

Vikram Singh

“I am happy with Airo, cause my all students get publication link and certificate in time. It’s a good peer reviewed journals.”

Nisha Sapre

“Over all performance of Airo is good.. I am shocked why this journal was not considered in UGC Care….. other journals are below performing”

Rakesh Gupta

“I am associated with Airo for a long time…the behavior and way of working is satisfactory for me. This journal is acclaimed in my connections”

Rakesh Gupta

“I got good response from the Airo Team and my paper was published in time… it was useful in my interview. Thank you Airo”

Ami Ajmera

“Hey Its nice to see that Airo is in IEEE Collobrate..Wow..I am publishing one more papers"

Ankit Gandhi

"My University students always prefer to publish their papers in Airo.. Services are admirable”

Ashish Samadhia

“Being associated I am happy. Prompt replies and Quick publication is relaxing. Its an only Peer Reviewed Journal which has transparency with publication process”

Manu Sharma

“When I opened my publication link there is a form, comes for some submission.. why so …Team should informed me on my email.”

S.K. Tripathi

“Absolute Research Process with Peer Reviewed Journal Publication. No major glitches or bugs I found in publication process. It’s a good Multidisciplinary Journal"

Ankit Sharma

“20 days are long time for review.. Expand your staff”

Shantanu Singh

“This time I received the hard copy of certificates very late… may be due to lockdown”

Soumaditya Chakravarty

“I am glad to know that Airo is now free multidisciplinary peer reviewed journal”

Nafisa Ahmed

“A perfect Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Free Journal”