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2321-3914 National Journal
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Airo Journals are categorized in two publication gateways. Airo National Research Journal and Airo International Journal which maintains submissions from Indian and foreign author’s selective research content.

Global Impact Factor

Humanities, Fine Arts, and Music 6.3 Management, Commerce, Economics, Law 6.7 Life Science, Agriculture, Nursing, Medical and Bio 5.2 Engineering and Science 5.7

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Plagiarism should not be more than 20%. Fonts should be in Time New Roman. Content should be in single or double column. Title Font Size 16, Sub-titles 14, Other Text 12.

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Airo Journals offers free / unpaid publication of your articles or papers. Only a nominal cost of AMC is charged for certificates, conference-seminar publication, print magazine, and corrections etc which includes cost of shipping of hardcopies, printing and mandatory general maintenance.

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All Research Articles are updated on Google Scholar and other specific research gateways with updated References to cite advance key features for future research work. It gives time saving and enhancement of innovative next step research in different fields of scientific approach.

Peer Review Process

In both International and National Journals, we review the articles with systematic core process to provide the best content to the readers and researchers. An elite approach is adopted time to time for the publication of articles keeping significant relevant data for upcoming scholars.

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