Who we Are

AIRO INDIA is an Open Access Journal devoted to publishing original peer-reviewed research papers, review articles, technical reports and short communications.

We adduce our self on an international level for the expansion of research & development. Having non-profit theme, our organization is committed to make a platform for serving a quality research journals for the advancement of Art, Commerce, Management, Life science, literature, engineering & technology

We are trying to improve the benefits of research process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation by promoting the propagation for the results of research. With the Initial goals of encouraging research scholars and their practical applications, we have built several councils and associations, where each members belongs to the different sectors of education; directorship for research; individuals working with testing or evaluation in federal, graduate & post graduate students; and other behavioral research scholars.

AIRO comprises associations and councils with details of events, publications and other services such as seminars and conferences etc. And it provides visitors with an overview of some of the activities, with an invitation to become the member of AIRO. Through its association and councils, AIRO is a leading authority on particular areas ranging from Engineering and Technologies, Art Commerce, Life Science, and Management etc. Researchers rely on AIRO as a source of technical and professional information, resources and services. To cultivate an interest in the engineering, Art, life science, commerce and management profession, AIRO also serves student members in different colleges and universities around the world. Other important constituencies include prospective researchers and organizations that gain AIRO services and participate in conferences or other AIRO activities. Because of its wide network in international platform, AIRO is the only destination where, researcher may adduce their work in almost all fields. Generally we have some limited options particularly for one or two streams, but in AIRO, we can have the large area of research and it's fields. The only organization facilitates the electronic publication of Art, Commerce, Science, IT, management and Engineering and life science.