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66th International Research Conference

Engineering Research Outputs in Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Streams

Last Date of Submission 21th October 2018

Conference Date: 28th October 2018

How to apply?

Research Scholars from Engineering Stream/field/subject can submit their research paper  in MS-Word format by attaching the file through our online form submission (Click Submit Paper). Research paper will not be accepted without registration charge i.e. . The copy of the Digital certificate will be sent to the email ID and hard copy of the certificate will be sent to the address of Research Scholar and if.

Content of the presentation must be unique and must not be copied from anyone’s source on Internet or any book, journal or magazine.

Only 15% Plagiarism (Copied) will be considered

Fully copied content will be cancelled and in that case no fees will be refunded

Maximum Word limit in presentation is 7000 words

Font Size: Title 18 Font, Sub titles / headings 15 font, Other text 12 font

Presentation will be accepted in only MS-Word  in this format

Click here to check Format

If the research scholar is sending video clip of his presentation, it must not be of more than 2 minutes, as videos of presentation in bulk shall be uploaded IRC website and  Youtube . Note: Sending Video clip of presentation is optional for all authors.

Last Date of Submission of Paper is 28th September 2018

Submission Fee

For Indian author the submission fee per paper is 2700

For the authors out side of India submission fee per paper is $39

Click here to Submit and Pay

In case of finding difficulty in online submission/online payment deposition on our website research scholars may send their research paper on our email [email protected] and the registration fee may be deposited in our account AIRO INDIA, ICICI BANK, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 143805500018, IFSC: ICIC0001438. Swift Code: ICICINBBNRI (For Abroad Transactions)

Name of the Research Scholar, email ID, Contact Number is mandatory to be mentioned in the research paper. Joint Author/Guide name/ Supervisor name / Institute / college / university name may also be mentioned in presentation All the reviewed presentations will be published in November ISSUE of Airo International Journal.

Who Can Apply ?

Research Scholars who are pursuing Ph.D. or M.Tech or who are professors, assistant professors, lecturers, teachers, academicians, or free lancer researchers from any field/subject can submit their presentation in this online International conference

Subjects for Presentation

Computer Science, Electronics, Communication, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil or any Engineering Subject.

Conference Questions or Queries About Presented Paper

With the help of email ID or generated code on each and every paper/article given in the proceeding, the participant or scholar may ask question and clear their doubt or get satisfaction by asking question to the author of particular presentation

Review Time

Review time of submitted papers is two months and in between this period the acceptance letter will be issued to the authors whose research papers will be accepted for publication in conference proceeding.


For all the selected research papers IRC will issue online certificate to the authors and If the author belongs to India the hard copy will also be provided. All certificates will have an auto-generated code for the verification which can be verified online on IRC website.


IRC will upload issue/volume wise the proceeding of consolidated selected research papers on (IRC Website)

As the review time of submitted papers is two months after the conference date therefore the procedure distributing and uploading the proceeding and certificate will be done between December 2018 to January 2019.

Declaration & Copy Right

Online submission of the research paper in any IRC conference by the author will  considered the acceptance of following declaration by the author.

Declaration of Author: I hereby declare that the content of this research paper has been truly made by me including the title of the research paper/research article, and no serial sequence of any sentence has been copied through internet or any other source except references or some unavoidable essential or technical terms. In case of finding any content in my paper or article, which is under patent or copy right, content of any source, or any journal, or book, or website or of any other author right, I shall always be responsible for further clarification or any legal issues. For sole right content of different author or different source, which was unintentionally or intentionally used in this research paper shall immediately be removed from the online proceeding and the verification of the certificate will be discard, and I shall be accountable for any further legal issues, and there will be no responsibility of conference organizers/Journals in any matter. If anyone has some issue related to the content of the research paper’s copied or plagiarism content he/she may contact on the email ID of the author given in the online submitted paper.

Submission form will also be considered as a Copy Right of Authors content and Publication Rights of IRC.

Terms & Conditions Apply


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